PAWS-PATAS Thirty Years 2019

In the 1980s, the Levante coast of Almería was becoming established as a popular holiday destination and a new home for ex-patriates from the UK and other European countries.  At that time, it was not unusual to see pack of dogs running free in local towns and beaches – often sick and disturbing the peace and annoying people.  And there were large colonies of feral cats in local neighbourhoods also causing nuisance. 

Substantial abuse and neglect were widespread, and a group of concerned newcomers to the area decided to take action. They began to rescue and rehome dogs that were not cared for and, in time, established a kennel where they could be accommodated while disease and malnutrition were overcome and new permanent homes sought.

That was the beginning of PAWS-PATAS which became fully established in 1989.  Thirty years later, the work is still needed, although circumstances have improved and there are not so many abandoned dogs and cats as there once were.  What is really important is to ensure that feral populations do not multiply and, to that end, a programme of Trap-Neuter-Return has been put in place to deal with feral cat populations.  Like all the activity PAWS-PATAS undertakes, this costs money and ways have to be sought to raise the necessary income for this and the running of the shelter generally.

PAWS-PATAS receives no statutory funding and relies entirely on the generosity of animal lovers who share our aims and want to contribute to our ongoing success in helping animals in distress.  Please click HERE  to see the various ways you can help.