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Why do we need you to volunteer?

Animals are continually brought to the shelter (sometimes even abandoned overnight outside the gates) and we work tirelessly to better the lives of these animals and find them loving ‘forever homes’. Running our shelter takes two very important things: money and people. This is why we need YOU!

Benefits of becoming a volunteer

1. Meet new friends. You will be surrounded by people who love animals as much as you do! This widens your social circle and brings you into contact with others who share your interest in helping animals.

2. Your efforts will help our animals increase their chances of that ‘forever home’ and prepare them for that next stage. Animals coming into our shelter have varying needs. Giving ‘TLC’ whilst, at the same time, caring for their health is very important. Animals that are happy and healthy have a higher chance of being adopted, and we need your help to achieve this.

3. Boost your mood — and your health. Volunteering gives a sense of satisfaction for helping others, can lower stress, make you feel needed and appreciated and increase happiness. A study reported on in Natural Health magazine in 2007 showed that 95 percent of volunteers surveyed said they gained a “helper’s high” — a feeling of euphoria and energy. Volunteering truly is a feel-good activity, and what better way to spend the day than with cuddly and furry friends?

4. Gain experience. Whether you’re answering phones, help with admin, or grooming our animals, you are gaining experience that can have great benefits in other areas of your life. Young adults can become better acquainted with animals, take on a set schedule of responsibilities, and gain a reference for future employment or college application. Working adults can include it on their CV or incorporate experience with animals into their work-related experience and charitable activity.

5. Become part of a very important team. We need money and people to stay open and you could be that one extra pair of hands or contributor that helps another pet get adopted, achieve further donations or encourages a new person to volunteer.

Other Ways to Help

If you can’t physically visit our shelter, there are other ways to help. Monetary donations are always appreciated and help cover our ever-increasing operating costs. Physical items are also very welcome, too (for example, blankets, toys for the animals and even office supplies are always needed).  Please complete the contact form below if you think you can help.

Children can also help by taking a tour of our the shelter to learn more about the way animals are looked after, organising a fundraiser, or getting their school involved with animal care and assistance.

No matter what your age, location or financial situation, there is always something you can do that will benefit an animal shelter.

Help us help them, and join our team NOW!

Volunteers from Abroad

We could barely survive without the regular stream of volunteers who come from abroad, stay in our accommodation and make an invaluable contribution to running the shelter. The accommodation is basic but comfortable and self-contained (with wireless internet access). This comes in exchange for your help 5 days a week cleaning kennels, giving food, water, medicines, etc.

We have had volunteers from Holland, Germany, UK, USA, Hungary, Denmark, Sweden and even Australia before. Some came for 10 days, some for months or more at a time – and many have returned several times.

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